From My Case Files: Bicycle rider protects self by purchasing proper coverage

Mark Anderson is a board certified personal injury lawyer who has been helping Fort Worth cyclists and pedestrians who have een injured in vehicle collisons since 1991.

I recently resolved a very serious injury case which serves as a great example of what everyone needs to do to protect themselves by purchasing the right kind of insurance. My client is a small business owner that carried a large uninsured motorist policy. He knew that if an accident caused by someone else occurred and he was seriously injured, he would need compensation to pay his hospital bills as he would have no other source of income. He was aware that many people on the road have no liability insurance whatsoever.

So here’s the story:
My client is an athlete. He competes in triathlons and spends a lot of time training on the road, either running or riding his bike. One day in 2009, he was riding his bicycle in preparation for an upcoming triathlon. A pickup truck was turning across the road and ran right into him. My client, who did absolutely nothing wrong, ended up with a broken wrist, two fractured ribs and fracture in one of his vertebrae in his spine. He was out of work for several months as he tried to recover from his two surgeries. As a small business owner, no work meant no income. Ultimately, he recovered and was able to return to work and is now even back competing in triathlons.

After months of hard work, we were able to successfully resolve his case and he received compensation for his medical bills, lost wages and extreme pain and suffering for the time period that it took him to recover from his serious injuries. In the end, my client was very happy with the settlement. Thankfully, he thought ahead to protect his family and bought the right kind of insurance.  He was sure glad he did so in the end.

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