So You Need Help With the Insurance Company?

Well, that is not very surprising, a lot of injury victims struggle in dealing with insurance company adjusters. At the Anderson Law Firm, we understand. We deal with adjusters everyday. We also hear horror stories from our clients about their dealings with these adjusters. It is just a fact that many adjusters are very, very difficult to deal with. Here are some of the problems we see:
  • Failure to pay for your medical bills
  • Doubting your injuries
  • Delaying getting you into a rental car
  • Failing to pay for your missed time from work
  • Failing to return your phone calls

The BEST way to combat the insurance adjusters (who are trained to minimize the compensation due you) is to hire a BOARD CERTIFIED INJURY LAWYER to fight and win the case for you. All injury cases at the Anderson Law Firm are pursued on a contingency fee basis, which means you only have to pay us if and when we win the case for you. No money up front at all. Here are some things that we think are helpful to look for when looking for the right injury lawyer for your case:

  • Real Experience with Cases Similar to Yours
  • Lawyer Ratings
  • Board Certification in Injury Law

The SECOND BEST way to fight insurance adjusters is to arm your self with all of the best information you can. After all, knowledge is power. We know these adjusters have tons of knowledge. They are trained in their job and most of them are good at what they do (even though they can be rude and frustrating, they are indeed knowledgeable). We think it is a huge mistake for people to go at it ontheir own if they have a serious injury case. Studies have shown that you will receive more money from your case if you hire an attorney (even after the attorney fees!) But if you are indeed a "do-i- yourselfer," then please look around our site and see if we can help. Here is a jumpstart on things you might need to know:

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