How You Can Find Out If the Truck Driver Who Hit You Was Drunk

You've been in a wreck with a commercial trucker and you think they might have been impaired. But how can you tell for sure and, more importantly, how can you prove it in court? 

Semi truck wrecks in Texas are serious business, especially when drugs or alcohol is involved. There are very strict laws in place concerning truckers and substances; truckers are prohibited from consuming alcohol within four hours of the start of their shift, and it's illegal for a trucker to have alcohol in their possession while on duty. 

Similarly, 18-wheeler drivers aren't allowed to use any controlled substances while on duty and they must report their prescription medications to their employers. If prescription medications are to be used, the trucker must check out with a physician who reports that the medication won't impair the driver in any way. 

If an employer or coworker suspects a driver has drunk alcohol before work, they have a responsibility to stop the driver from driving. Suspicion alone is enough to pull the driver off duty. 

Proving the Trucker Who Hit You Was Impaired

Texas law mandates that any commercial truck driver involved in a collision must take a breath or blood test for alcohol and a urine test for controlled substances, assuming bodily injury has occurred. By law, this post-accident screening must occur as soon as possible after the crash. If the results come back positive, you've got your answer.
Sometimes, however, the truck driver or employer delays or cancels this test. In this situation, things get trickier. I'd advise you to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney who knows how to use this as evidence in your case. A lawyer can use details like this to prove that the commercial trucking company was aware of their impaired driver and attempted to cover it up.
A truck crash trial lawyer can also obtain the necessary court order to gather copies of any and all alcohol and controlled substance tests performed on the driver by their current employer, and to correspond with the driver's previous workplaces regarding past use of both alcohol and controlled substances. Both of these can be used to your advantage as you work to uncover the truth about your truck wreck. 

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