Train Accidents

In some places a train is almost an antiquated way to travel, yet many people still use trains everyday to get from Point A to Point B. Like any method of transportation, however, train travel can sometimes result in an accident. Unfortunately, train wrecks present a host of potential problems you don’t have with other forms of transportation.

Train Accidents are Completely Out of Your Control

One of the most upsetting things about train rerailments is that they are completely out of your control. When you’re driving your own vehicle, you have some control over where the vehicle goes and how you drive; you can’t control other drivers, and may still suffer an injury due to another driver’s negligence - but you can at least avoid some potential accidents. When you’re on a train, your life is completely in the hands of the train operator, and you have no control over safety and appropriate precautions.

Train Accidents may Cause Severe Injuries or Fatalities

Train accidents may cause severe injuries or even fatalities. Derailments at high speeds have been known to kill dozens of passengers and injure many more. Even a low-speed train accident or collision can have serious consequences. Due to the nature of this form of mass transit, train accidents are typically more severe and include many more injuries than car or other transportation-related accidents.

Unfortunately, you don’t even have to be riding a train to be injured in a train accident. Trains strike pedestrians and cars every day, so even if you’re not on a train, you could still be injured in a train accident.
Use extreme caution when driving or walking near train tracks, and always yield to a train - even if you have right of way. Trains strike cars or pedestrians at intersections around the country about once every two hours.

Train Accident Claims may be Difficult to Pursue

Depending on the agency managing the train, train accident claims may be difficult to pursue. If you’re injured on a local transit train, such as a subway train in a big city, your train accident would be handled differently than if you’re traveling on a long-distance train that crosses state lines.

Train accidents may fall under both state and federal laws, so you need an experienced train accident attorney to help you navigate your case.
The Anderson Law Firm provides free consultations to people who have been injured in train accidents, so call today to set up your consultation and let us figure out how to best pursue your claim.


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