Car Accident Due to Ice. What Are Your Rights in Texas?

If you were injured in a wreck on icy roads, you likely have lots of questions. Who's at-fault? Does weather affect your ability to make a claim? What are the laws in Texas?

Here, we'll discuss everything you need to know about recovering after your car wreck in snow or ice. 

What Happens If You Hit Someone Due to Ice? 

As a Dallas-Fort Worth personal injury attorney, I know that driving in adverse weather conditions – particularly in ice, snow or slush – increases the chances of a wreck. Motorists can easily lose control on slick roads leading to rear-end accidents, side swipes, and more.

Unfortunately, icy road conditions are not a defense in a car accident claim. If you hit someone else, you (and your insurance) will be responsible for paying for their damages and injuries.

I know this seems unfair. After all, you didn't put the ice there! However, insurance companies can't expect ice to pay for things like medical bills and auto repair costs and they aren't going to front the costs themselves. That puts the responsibility for an accident you caused - no matter the weather condition - on you.  

(How do you know who's at-fault in the first place? Read my article on the topic here). 

What to Do If You're Hit by Another Driver On Icy Roads

On the flip side, if someone hit you while driving over ice, they're going to be responsible for covering the cost of your damages. Don't let them tell you otherwise - ice is never an excuse for an accident. 

At the scene of the accident, collect the other driver's name, license plate number and insurance card information. You'll use this information to file a claim through their insurance company (they caused the wreck so their insurance company is responsible for paying for your damages). 

(Not sure how to get started making a claim against another driver's insurance in Texas? Read my article here). 

Can The City Be Blamed for Poor Road Conditions?

As a Fort Worth car wreck attorney, I've handled cases where we successfully made a claim against the city for unsafe road conditions that led to a wreck. However, these kinds of cases aren't as cut and dry. Typically, successful claims against the city are made when city workers or drivers clearly did something negligent to cause an accident - for instance, did not follow standard protocol for construction zone hazard signs or built a road that was inherently unsafe. 

As far as snow and ice goes, there are very few cases where the city can be blamed for icy road conditions. If you were seriously hurt in an accident and you strongly believe your city is at-fault, it could be worth consulting an attorney. A lawyer will look at the facts of your case and tell you whether or not you have a strong claim to compensation. 

Do You Need a Lawyer? 

If you were hurt in an accident that was the other driver's fault and you're struggling to deal with the insurance company, having a hard time paying your medical bills, can't gather the evidence you need to support your claim or simply want help, hiring a lawyer could be right for you. 

I always say it's worth setting up a consultation with a personal injury attorney to go over the details of your claim. In Fort Worth, the Anderson Law Firm offers free consultations to all injury victims. Call us at 817-294-1900 to book yours today. 

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