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Van and auto rollover accidents are potentially high-risk accidents that cause injury and even death every year. 15-passenger van accidents are growing in frequency, and these vans often lack the proper seat belts and safety measures sufficient to protect their passengers. Van accidents potentially cause serious injury which means if you or a loved one may be entitled to significant compensation to cover your medical expenses and other crash-related costs if you have been injured in a rollover accidents. Furthermore, with the increased effort to make passenger cars lighter and hold less materials, the likelihood for an auto rollover accident would mean that a car is not as highly protected as it can potentially be. To discuss your personal situation with an experienced Fort Worth accident lawyer call 817-294-1900 today.
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Rollover Accident Statistics

From 1997 to 2006, over 1,000 people were killed in passenger van accidents. In recent years, some high-profile passenger van injuries have increased awareness of passenger van safety concerns, but the instances of 15-passenger van accidents has not decreased. In the past several years, 7 high-profile passenger van accidents have netted news time. In these 7 accidents alone, 23 passengers have died, and dozens have suffered injuries ranging from minor to severe. This is just the result of 7 accidents. With the countless more van accidents every year, passenger van injuries are on the rise. The summer months are particularly high-risk periods for church, daycare and other van accidents. The NHTSA reports that 31% of fatal 15-passenger van accidents happen during the summer months, as these months are busier and involve more travel. Further, the more people and items there are in a passenger van, the more likely a rollover is to occur. Fully 50% of passenger van rollovers involved vehicles loaded to full capacity with passengers and cargo.

Because 15-passenger vans are so potentially dangerous, federal law prohibits passenger van use by schools in transporting children in grades K-12. However, passenger vans are used all the time in extra-curricular activities, 4-H, YMCAs, senior and youth centers, daycare centers and even as airport shuttles. Frequent use of these vans presents potentially serious hazards for passengers; especially given that the vans are so dangerous that federal law restricts schools from transporting children in them.


Furthermore, for passenger cars, rollover accidents have higher fatality rates than other car accidents. For example, in 2010 alone, 35% of all auto accident fatalities resulted directly from rollover accidents. This is why we must not take driving as an attention-free task. Passenger car rollover accidents can result from a series of causes, such as being impacted by another car in a T-bone accident, being impacted in an auto accident in a certain position that causes the car to flip, or being hit by another car and going over a high altitude place, such as a bridge or overpass. Rollover auto accidents can be more dangerous than common car accidents, which is why it is important to take driving seriously.


Rollover Accident Lawsuits

Rollover accidents in general are dangerous for a variety of reasons, but one characteristic that passenger vans accidents tend to share in common is the propensity for rolling over. Passenger van rollover lawsuits are becoming more and more common, as 80% of passenger van accidents involving a fatality are cases where the van rolls over. In fact, some models of Ford Motor Company passenger vans are currently under review as poorly designed vehicles, due to the likelihood of a van rolling in an emergency situation and not being able to safely protect occupants while rolling. Van rollover lawsuits are a very specific subset of passenger van accidents, but these lawsuits are a growing niche due to the high instance of rollovers during a van accident.

On the other hand, car accidents where a car has rolled can be equally as fatal as van rollover accidents for many reasons. First, while vans have generally larger shapes and can be better protected against collision,  passenger cars can be more susceptible to greater frame and equipment damage. This is important because a car's frame is designed to hold a car together and protect passengers while ensuring a safe ride. During a car accident, a damaged frame may mean that the car's passengers might be vulnerable to receive greater impacts, which would mean greater injuries. In contrast to van rollover accidents, a passenger car rollover lawsuits are typically placed against the insurance company of the at-fault driver.

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