Why We Do Not Represent Sue-Happy People

There's a huge difference between valid injury claims and what I like to call "sue-happy" people. Frivolous lawsuits, like suing a dry cleaner for a million dollars for losing your pants, give the legal profession a bad name. 

At Anderson Law Firm, we are not sue-happy. Personally, I flat-out hate unnecessary litigation. I refuse to represent people who want to pursue a needless lawsuit - I respect my profession and the legal system way too much for that kind of nonsense. 

Of course, not everyone who files a claim is sue-happy, nor can they be stereotyped for doing so. I've represented people from all walks of life with different education levels, political views and financial backgrounds. No matter who you are, you deserve compensation for an injury that wasn't your fault. 

So how can you tell if your claim is legitimate? 

First, take a look at the driving factor behind your desire to sue - YES, it's okay if that factor is money. If you've been seriously injured in an accident, you'll have medical bills to pay in addition to lost wages from missing work. Those financial issues aren't frivolous.

Next, think about how the incident has affected your life. Are you permanently changed either mentally or physically? How long will it take for you to recover? The more serious the damage, the more you have to gain from filing a lawsuit.

Last, ask yourself: Was this entirely someone else's fault? Did someone else's poor choices harm me? If so, then your claim isn't frivolous and you aren't sue-happy. 

Still not sure? I would recommend contacting a Board Certified personal injury attorney. They'll shoot you straight and let you know if you have a legitimate claim, or if it's better to let this one go. 

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