What Sets the Anderson Law Firm Apart from the Rest


As a client at the Anderson Law Firm, you're more than just another file. You're a real person with a real story, and we're here to listen. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver honest, aggressive results, using our knowledge of the Texas legal system and our Board-Certified experience to win you the best possible settlement. 


How Our Experience Wins You More

Insurance companies are in the business of making money, and while there's nothing wrong with profits, that money comes at a price. The more money insurance companies pay out in claims, the less they get to keep for themselves. Unfortunately, this creates some skewed incentives - and it pits them against you. 

Anyone who's dealt with the frustrations of a low settlement or uncooperative insurance adjusters knows how helpless the claims process can make you feel. It's one of the reasons so many accident victims turn to attorneys for help. 

When insurance adjusters evaluate a case, they don't just look at the case's merits. They also look at the experience and the reputation of the lawyers involved. If you hire an experienced trial lawyer who won't hesitate to take your case to court, the insurance company knows it, and it makes them much less likely to offer an unfair settlement. Simply having a reputable firm on your side benefits you tremendously. 


Notable Awards and Achievements 

  • We're Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law. Only two percent of Texas attorneys can claim this distinction, and it means we're specialists in what we do. 
  • Mark Anderson is recognized annually by Fort Worth Magazine as a Top Attorney, rated by Martindale Hubbard with the prestigious AV Rating, has an Avvo rating of 10 out of 10, and is a recognized Super Lawyer. He's also a published author and has written over 2,000 articles on personal injury in Texas. 
  • Robert Kisselburgh has been featured on Good Morning America, CBS Evening News, 60 Minutes, WFAA News (Dallas ABC affiliate) and National Public Radio to share his expertise. He's also published in the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Texas Monthly, D Magazine, Dallas Morning News and Texas Lawyer.
  • Rieker Carsey is a member of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, Tarrant and Dallas County Trial Lawyers association and the Tarrant County Bar. 
  • The Anderson Law Firm has the resources to take on billion dollar corporations and insurance companies. We're fully staffed, meaning we have a team of people dedicated to our mission. As such, we've recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients. You can read about our victories here.


What Can the Anderson Law Firm Do For Me That I Can't Do On My Own?

Besides providing years of legal experience and an in-depth knowledge of personal injury law, here are a few things we provide for clients that they wouldn't have on their own: 

  • Ensure that all steps of the accident investigation are met, including performing a professional accident investigation. A well constructed investigation is vital to the success of any case. 
  • Recommend medical specialists we trust, particularly specialists who understand the importance of meticulous documenting of your claim. If you see a doctor who doesn't write enough down, you cannot prove your position in court.
  • If necessary, discuss medical treatment plans with the client's doctors to make sure the medical and financial ends are meeting. 
  • Hire experts to explain the liability and damage issues if either are in dispute. 
  • Construct a legally sound case, including gathering medical bills and records, employment information, lost wage information, police reports, etc.  
  • Analyze a client's insurance policies and the at-fault party's insurance policies to ensure all relevant insurance coverage is being used. 
  • Deal with any medical lien issues that arise during the claims process (mainly from hospitals, worker's comp and government agencies who demand to be reimbursed). 
  • Use our experience to appropriately determine the value of a claim, and use that knowledge to refuse all unfair offers. 
  • Evaluate each case and decide if an attempt at pre-litigation makes sense or if we should go directly to litigation. 
  • Prepare and file the lawsuit with the appropriate count. Handle all court-related procedures, including citations, written discoveries, depositions, etc. We also try cases before a judge or jury. 


Common Questions About the Anderson Law Firm

As you're looking to hire an attorney, you likely have lots and lots of questions. Here are a few common questions and answers to get you started:


Why You Shouldn't Settle for the Firm Down the Street

In Dallas-Fort Worth alone, there are hundreds of attorneys who are all vying for your attention. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong lawyer to handle your personal injury case can lose you money and force you to take a settlement that's much, much lower than what you deserve. 

At the Anderson Law Firm, we've got the experience and the results to handle your case effectively. Don't take your chances with another firm down the street. Call us today at 817-294-1900 to speak with one of our attorneys. The consultation is completely free and comes with zero obligation. 


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