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What to Do if You Were Injured in an Uber Car Accident

You have just requested an Uber ride to take you to your next destination. After waiting a couple of minutes, your Uber driver arrives, you get in the vehicle, and your trip begins. Everything appears to be going fine when all of a sudden, another vehicle crashes into the vehicle you are being transported in. Not only are you startled, you begin to feel pain from the impact. Dazed and confused, you find out you have been injured from the car accident. You are then taken to a hospital and are informed you need surgery. Do you have to pay for this? What are your options?

This is a scenario that has happened in real life. Many Uber customers have been injured after they have been in an Uber car wreck. Thankfully, there are options that you can pursue that will allow you to receive the medical treatment you need for your injuries without you having to pay for them. Here we discuss what your options are if you were injured in an Uber car accident.

What to Do if Another Driver Caused the Accident

In the event that another driver (not your Uber driver) caused the accident - whether it was a rear-ended, sideswipe, t-boned, or any other way - you would make an injury claim against the other driver’s insurance company. Due to the fact that the other driver caused the accident, their insurance company would take the responsibility of paying for any damages that were generated because of their client’s negligence. For example, if Sally took an Uber ride and another driver, Bob, caused an accident, it would up to Bob’s insurance company to pay for Sally’s medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and so on. However, what happens when Bob’s insurance company does not have enough coverage to pay for Sally’s expenses? This is something that is not uncommon, and is resolved through the following options.

File a Claim Against Uber

Uber requires all of their drivers to have car insurance company, and they do so by providing it to them while they are transporting a customer to a location. Uber’s insurance company, James River Insurance Company, is responsible for responding for any claims where another driver caused an accident but either fled the scene or did not carry enough insurance. This is referred as uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage. According to Uber, Uber (through their insurance company) covers up to $1 million in coverage for personal injuries, per accident. In Texas, Uber uses Progressive Insurance as their insurance company. The same coverage applies to injured passengers of an Uber ride.

Use Your Own Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Another option is to use your own UM/UIM coverage through your insurance company. This option is available even if you were not in your vehicle when the accident occurred. Many people are surprised when they find out they have UM/UIM coverage in their own car insurance policy, so if you are not sure if you have this coverage, taking a look at your insurance policy or contacting your insurance adjuster would be a good place to find out.

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What if the Uber Driver Caused the Accident?

In the event that your Uber driver caused the accident, whether it was due to speeding, being distracted, or any other negligence, you would file a claim against the Uber’s insurance, James River Insurance Company (or in Texas, Progressive Insurance). According to Uber, Uber (through their insurance company) covers at least $1 million in liability coverage when their drivers are at-fault in a car accident while they are transporting a passenger.

As you can see, regardless whichever option you choose to pursue, it is important to note that there are options available to cover for the accident-related expenses resulting from an Uber car wreck. Through these options, you may be entitled to receive compensation for the following expenses from an Uber car accident:

  • The ambulance or helicopter ride to the hospital
  • Emergency room bills
  • Medical imaging such as x-rays, MRIs, and CT scans
  • Surgeries
  • Physical therapy
  • Lost wages as a result of time taken to receive medical treatment such as pain after the accident, doctor appointments, surgeries, etc.
  • Pain and suffering

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