Winning a Fort Worth Motorcycle Accident Injury Case

Motorcyclists involved in collisions with other motor vehicles usually suffer far worse injuries than other individuals involved in the wreck. This is because automobile occupants are protected inside their vehicle. They have safety restraints, air bags, and the shell of the vehicle itself to protect them. Motorcycle riders have none of these things. All they have are the clothes on their back and the helmet on their head. Consequently, motorcyclists typically suffer extremely serious injuries if they are involved in a crash.


Unfortunately, because motorcyclists tend to suffer severe injuries any time they are involved in a multi-vehicle accident, they are often unavailable to give their version of events to the investigating officer. Instead, they are rightly being treated by the paramedics, or transported to hospital in an ambulance. While it is obviously correct that the immediate need for medical care outweighs any other concerns, these situations can make it more difficult for a Fort Worth motorcycle injury attorney to prove their client was not the driver at fault later on.


How the Odds are Stacked Against Injured Bikers

If the motorcyclist is unable to provide their account of the accident to the investigating police officer at the crash scene, then the official report of the incident will likely lean heavily on the other driver’s testimony. Unfortunately, Texas peace officers sometimes have a tendency to write down whatever the most available driver tells them, with little investigation beyond that. Likewise, some police officers will jump to a conclusion about who was at fault, and then collect only evidence which supports their theory.


As an experienced Fort Worth motorcycle accident lawyer, I know that there is a definite bias against motorcyclists; possibly because of unfair stereotypes perpetuated by the media or some other reason. Even in supposedly unbiased witness testimony there may be unintentional bias against the injured biker. A common example of this is the suggestion that the motorcyclist was riding far faster than they actually were. This common misperception is attributed to the fact that a motorcycle engine turns faster than a car’s engine does, thereby sounding “faster” even though the bike was not actually traveling faster.


One of the most common statements made negligent drivers is that they looked and didn’t see the approaching motorcyclist. Many times the at-fault driver will argue that the reason they didn’t see the motorcyclist is that the motorcyclist must have been speeding. As a Fort Worth personal injury attorney, I know that this is rarely true. Drivers of cars and truck have a bad habit of not properly looking out for vehicles smaller than their own. If the at-fault driver claims that they did not see the motorcyclist, a good lawyer can use this as an admission of negligence because what they are really saying is that they were not looking for other vehicles.


How to Win Your Fort Worth Motorcycle Accident Case

Fort Worth personal injury attorney Mark Anderson has been helping injured motorcyclists throughout the DFW region for more than two decades. He wrote the book Roadmap to Winning Your Texas Motorcycle Accident Case to help injured motorcyclists and their family members understand the law in Texas, to help them understand their legal rights and what it takes to successfully win a claim for compensation against the at-fault motorist’s insurance company.


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