Work Injuries from Inadequate Safety Precautions

inadequate safety precautions work injuryBeing injured as a worker is something that nobody wants to deal with. From figuring out how to receive medical treatment for their injuries, to dealing with their job’s insurance company, workers can find themselves in an unwanted situation that can last several months, even years depending on the injury. One thing that we tell our clients at the Anderson Law Firm is that we take care of the entire legal process for them so they can focus on one thing and one thing only: recovering.

Injuries stemming from inadequate safety precautions can very painful, especially due to the fact that the accident (that could have been avoided) probably involved dangerous equipment. One of the most frustrating things a worker has to deal with is being hurt at their job. This can be frustrating because the worker can:

  • Miss work time because of the injuries
  • Lose wages as a result of the missed work time
  • Risk having a disability that can hinder their ability to work in the future

As you will discover in this article, accidents stemming from inadequate or unsafe safety precautions can involve very serious injuries. However, know that if you have been injured on the job, the Anderson Law Firm is available to take your case and represent you as an injured employee.

Inadequate Safety Precautions at Work Can Lead to Injuries

While there are many factors involved in a variety of work injuries, work injuries caused by inadequate safety precautions could have been avoided if the proper steps to ensure safety were in place to begin with. These types of accidents typically reflect the levels of safety readiness (or lack thereof) of management, ranging from the field supervising, project manager, or another higher-level position. However, this is not always the case. Work injury accidents stemming from inadequate safety precautions can be caused by:

  • Little or bad training in management positions
  • Little to no employee training
  • No safety oversight from upper management or other employees
  • Little to no safety enforcement

The lack of safety involvement from upper management can easily trickle down to other employee ranks (i.e. if the project manager ignores safety precautions, employees can have a hard time if there are constant safety threats in the workplace). The lack of safety precautions can cause accidents such as:

  • Falling into unmarked holes
  • Coming into contact with exposed electrical wiring
  • Being hit on the head by heavy objects
  • Being hurt in avoidable explosions

Injuries From Inadequate Safety Precautions Can Involve:

  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injuries or concussions
  • Loss of limb
  • Severe neck or back pain
  • Strained, sprained or torn ligaments
  • Eye injuries
  • Facial or bodily disfigurements

These and other possible injuries should be cared for immediately. Even in cases where a worker thinks that they might be injured, it is important to receive a medical examination to eliminate further doubt. Things like figuring out how to file a personal injury claim or how to get back working should be focused on after the injuries are looked at by a doctor.

Furthermore, once the injuries are looked at and the worker is in stable conditions, conversations regarding how to submit a personal injury claim should be the next step. This is due to several important reasons. First, one of the main goals of the worker should be to receive adequate medical treatment so that they can return to work. How can a worker receive medical treatment if they do not have health insurance? As will be discussed in the next section, a worker can receive medical treatment without health insurance and can receive it without out of pocket expenses.

Proving Negligence and Winning a Settlement

Submitting a personal injury claim has several important steps that must be taken in order for the claim to be successful. Perhaps the most important part about making a claim is proving that the worker’s company was negligent. In this case, a worker must prove that the accident could have been avoided and that the accident and the injuries that resulted were not at all caused by the worker. This is typically done through collecting evidence such as medical records, company records, witness testimonies, and so on. Evidence is an important part of a personal injury claim, especially one taking place at work.

Furthermore, the insurance company of the worker’s job can create an array of arguments that can attempt to either discredit or significantly lower the settlement amount that the worker should be paid. This is done by stating that the worker’s injuries were not severe and that the worker caused the accident. It is not uncommon for insurance adjusters to either intentionally lie or deceive the injured client by not answering phone calls or emails. For this reason, it is important for an injured worker who is serious about getting compensation for their injury contact the Anderson Law Firm. Our experienced attorneys and legal team know the insurance company’s tactics and exactly how to make your case successful. We handle the case and its legality so you don’t have to.

As mentioned earlier in this article, personal injury claims involving work injuries can be a tricky and confusing task for someone to do alone. With the help of the Anderson Law Firm, you can make sure that your claim is in the hands of experienced professionals who take every part of  your situations with the seriousness it deserves. Don’t leave your work injury case to an unexperienced attorney; that’s exactly what the insurance company wants you to do. Instead, beat the insurance company’s unfair tactics by hiring a legal team with full commitment and dedication to making sure your case gets the settlement it deserves. Also, make sure you don’t accept any checks from the insurance company when the accident occurs. Clients who have been offered by the insurance company $500 or $1,000 have mentioned it is typically not enough, and rightly so. It is not rare for a settlement offer with the Anderson Law Firm to go upwards hundreds of thousands of dollars, which is enough to cover for our client’s medical bills, lost wages, and more. Contact the Anderson Law Firm today so you too can have Full Justice for your work injury case.

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