Types of Cases Our Dallas-Fort Worth Personal Injury Lawyers Handle

Our award-winning Dallas-Fort Worth injury attorneys represent victims who have been seriously injured due to someone else's actions. Founder Mark Anderson has over 20 years' experience representing clients in a wide array of personal injury cases, and he specializes in the accident types listed here. 

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Car AccidentsCar Accidents

We handle a wide array of car accident cases, including severe collisions, rear-end accidents, drunk driving wrecks, texting and driving accidents and more. We work with all types of auto collisions, including those that involve automobiles, trucks and semi-trucks. 

Semi-Truck AccidentsSemi-Truck Accidents

We represent a large variety of commercial truck wreck victims. Examples of cases we handle include semi-truck wrecks both in an out of state, truck-on-truck collisions, truck-on-car accidents and truckers who hit pedestrians. 

Motorcycle AccidentsMotorcycle Accidents

We handle accidents involving motorcycles in Texas, including severe and life-threatening accidents, wrecks involving total loss, child passenger accidents, scooter and moped wrecks, motorcycle-on-motorcycle collisions and more. 

Wrongful DeathWrongful Death

We represent victims whose loved ones were wrongfully killed due to car, truck and motorcycle accidents, dog attacks, gas explosions and daycare neglect. 

Dog BitesDog Bites

We take on a wide variety of dog bite cases including dog bites to children, dogs that escaped their enclosures, dog attacks while visiting a friend or neighbor and more. 

Gas Fires and ExplosionsGas Fires and Explosions

We pursue legal action against a gas company or other negligent entity for gas explosions to homes, cars, businesses, schools and more. 

Child InjuryChild Injury

We represent children who were injured at no fault of their own. Examples of cases we handle include daycare negligence, dog bites, auto accidents and water park accidents.

Drunk Driving AccidentsDrunk Driving Accidents

We represent victims who were hurt or killed by drunk drivers in Texas. We also handle dram shop cases. 

Bicycle & Pedestrian AccidentsBicycle & Pedestrian Accidents

We handle accident cases where the victim was a pedestrian or bicyclist. We also take cases involving golf carts and segways. 

Hit and Run AccidentsHit and Run Accidents

We represent drivers who are hit by someone who doesn't have any insurance, doesn't have enough insurance to cover the cost of their damages, or who caused a collision and fled the scene. 

Work InjuriesWork Injuries

If you were injured at your job, you have rights. Don't go into debt paying for your accident-related medical bills while missing wages from your time off work to treat your injuries. Contact us today.

Slip and Fall AccidentsSlip and Fall Accidents

If you suffered injuries from a slip and fall accident, we may be able to help you win the compensation you deserve.