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If you've been hurt on the job, you're likely feeling stressed, frustrated and worried about the future. How will you pay for your medical bills? How quickly can you get back to work? What happens if the injury leaves you with permanent damage?

Here at the Anderson Law Firm, we understand that workplace accidents can be severe and may even leave victims with a long-term disability. We also understand that our clients' main concern is healing and returning back to work as soon as possible. We share that goal, but we've added one more: we want to win you the most money we can to cover the cost of your injury. 

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Work Accidents the Anderson Law Firm Handles 


Being hurt or fatally injured by electric shock is a big contributors to workplace injuries. Whether you're at a construction sites or an office building, you can be injured by electrocution by touching live wires or unmarked and hazardous light switches or cables. 

Being Caught In or Caught Between Objects

When a worker is caught in two objects, such as a leg that's caught in a moving machine, serious injuries can occur. Similarly, being caught between objects, such as a bulldozer and a concrete wall, can cause life-threatening injuries.


Explosions are one of the most serious work accidents because of their unpredictability. Explosions are often caused by machine malfunctions or electrical overloads. 

Oil and Gas Fires

The State of Texas is a heavy producer of oil and gas. Each year, thousands of workers are injured operating oil rigs and gas lines. Similar to explosions, oil and gas fires can be unexpected and dangerous. 

Construction Zone Accidents

Construction zone accidents, such as falling into unmarked holes, being hit or run over by machinery, or being struck by construction materials can be very dangerous and can generate serious injuries.

Auto Accidents on the Job

Many workers drive on the job. Workers who have been in a car accident caused by another driver can suffer serious and sometimes life-threatening injuries.

Product Defects

A damaged hinge on an excavator, a loose bolt on a crane, and a malfunctioned smoke detector are examples of product defects. A product defect can lead to serious injuries. 

Inadequate Safety Precautions

There is a reason why OSHA and other workplace agencies make sure businesses have appropriate safety warnings. Visible caution and hazardous material signs can prevent accidents from occurring. Failure to properly prepare employees can lead to injury.

Falling Objects

It's important to note that not all falling objects injuries involve big machinery. Smaller objects such as a lamp or ceiling tile can leave a worker with a head injury.

What the Anderson Law Firm Can Do for You

Being hurt in a workplace accident is frustrating, stressful and costly. When you come to the Anderson Law Firm we take complete care of your case. Here’s what our law firm can do for you.

We Investigate the Workplace Accident

Our expert team of attorneys will record and document every detail of your accident. At the end of our in-depth investigation, we will know where the accident was caused, what happened to cause it, and whether it could have been prevented. If it could have been prevented and you were injured because of someone else’s negligence, we will prove who’s at-fault.

We’ll Prove Who’s At-Fault

After we fully investigate your accident, we will find the party responsible and prove they were at-fault. A company is “at-fault” if they were responsible for the accident. We use any legal means in our disposal to gather evidence to prove your innocence, such as:

  • Security camera footage
  • Pictures
  • Witness testimonies
  • Company records and documentation
  • Statements
  • Medical bills

We Fight the Insurance Company

Insurance companies are in the business of making money. While there’s nothing wrong with profits, it comes at your expense. Insurance adjusters are experts at finding ways to devalue or deny your claim, and it can be difficult to win the money you deserve for your medical bills, lost wages, lost earning capacity, and pain and suffering.

Here at the Anderson Law Firm, our legal team is experienced in handling the insurance company. That is why when insurance companies know that the injured worker has a personal injury attorney on their side, they have no option but to give a settlement offer that our client deserves.

We Fight for Your Compensation

When a worker gets injured at their job, it is very likely that they have to miss work in order to receive medical treatment and for their injury to fully heal. In the previous statement, notice that there are two important sources where money - your hard-earned money - can be lost: missing work and medical treatment. Here are just a few ways that you could lose money from a work injury:

  • Lost wages due to time taken to treat for your injuries, including pain management, rehabilitation, and doctor’s appointments
  • Medical expenses, such as the trip to the hospital, emergency room costs, follow-up appointments, and surgeries
  • The future ability to work; if your injury inhibits your ability to work, you may be facing losing wages in the future

It is important to remember that compensation does not only involve monetary/financial damages. You may have suffered pain and suffering from the accident, missed your child’s soccer game, or you may just be anxious of receiving an injury from work again. These are emotional damages that can be compensated for in a personal injury lawsuit. Our attorneys and legal team makes sure you receive full compensation for the mentioned topics and more.

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