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The end of summer usually means that kids are back in school, fall is just around the corner, and everything appears to settle in. However, in the midst of the back-to-school season, accidents can and have occurred, as was Sheri’s case.

A Domino Effect

Sheri was safely driving on a local Fort Worth road towards the end of the summer, when she came to a traffic light. After stopping and waiting for the red light to turn green, Sheri was going to proceed to turning onto the intersection, when a driver, running a red light, hit a car that in turn hit Sheri’s car. Due to the impact of the multiple car accident, Sheri was rushed to a nearby hospital, where doctors diagnosed her with cervical sprain and shoulder contusion. However, due to her increasing pain, Sheri decided to visit a chiropractor, where doctors there diagnosed her with cervical, lumbar, and thoracic subluxation, among other painful injuries as a result of the accident! Sheri could no longer enjoy her breaks at work without excruciating pain, and simple tasks such as sitting down became increasingly painful to her.  After over 50 physical therapy sessions and various medical procedures, Sheri’s bills exceeded $80,000, not to mention her lost wages.

Case Summary

That’s when Sheri decided to see us. Sheri wanted for experienced attorneys to represent her and fight for the compensation she deserved. Our attorneys at the Anderson Injury Lawyers fought for Sheri’s rights, and we were successfully able to win $100,000 for Sheri’s case, which covered for medical expenses, lost wages, and her pain and suffering.

Attorney’s fees: $33,333.33 – Expenses $1,295.89