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More than often, car accidents could have been avoided had the driver simply adjusted their speed. This important safety measure can avoid a numerous amount of car accidents, as was Jose’s case.

Spinning Towards Traffic

Jose was driving as he usually did on Old Decatur Road in Fort Worth. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary until Jose entered the left turning lane to turn. Another driver, noticing that Jose was entering the lane, did not adjust their speed, and hit Jose’s vehicle. As if not sufficient, Jose’s vehicle was sent spinning onto oncoming traffic, which caused his vehicle to impact a diesel truck that was transporting a loading truck. After the accident, Jose was taken to the hospital, where doctors diagnosed Jose to have contusions on his forearm and knee. Jose left the hospital, but soon returned to a clinic, where doctors diagnosed Jose to have a concussion, lumbar zygapophyseal joint restriction, multiple sprains, and other painful injuries. After several subsequent visits to clinic and hospitals, Jose’s medical bills started to surpass $18,000. In addition, due to the accident, Jose lost a substantial amount of wages that he could have earned if the accident had not taken place. After sustaining very painful injuries and unable to work, Jose decided to contact the attorneys at the Anderson Injury Lawyers.

Case Summary

Our attorneys were able to win Jose’s case with the compensation he deserved : $100,055! Our professional team knows the importance of representing someone with lost wages and a mounting medical bill, which is why we decided to fight the insurance company until we earned Jose with the compensation he deserved.

Attorney’s fees: $33,351.67 – Expenses: $560.56