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Rear-ended accidents may sound like just another type of accident, but in reality they can be leave very serious injuries. What seemed like a simple injury from a rear-ended accident turned out to be an accident filled with injuries, pain, and mounting medicals for our client Brandon.

A Painful Accident

Brandon was traveling on a local Dallas highway when he came to a slow in traffic. As traffic began to further slow, Brandon slowed to avoid hitting other vehicles in front of him. However, the driver behind him did not perform as well as Daniel. The driver behind Brandon slammed into Brandon’s car due to not slowing down, and rear-ended Daniel’s vehicle. Initially, Brandon went to an emergency department where he complained of lower back pain, and doctors administered several x-rays and CT scans on his back, spine, and head. With an initial diagnosis of cervical and lumbar sprain, Brandon was discharged from the hospital. Brandon then went to a chiropractor where he was diagnosed with multiple disc bulges, and after completing physical therapy all seemed well. Or so it seemed.

Brandon continued to have back pain so he went to a spine center where he received multiple injections in his back for the pain. Furthermore, Brandon had a neurosurgical consultation where he was recommended to receive lower back surgery. Throughout the time Brandon was injured and receiving medical treatment he was unable to work. Even more, Brandon’s wife gave birth to their fifth child the month after the accident took place. Because the accident affected his ability to work, medical bills were starting to mount, and the accident took a toll on his personal life, Brandon decided to contact our attorneys for help.

Case Summary

When Brandon presented the case to us, we knew we had to help. No one should have to go through the pain and suffering Brandon went through. The attorneys and legal team at the Anderson Injury Lawyers fought a tough battle with the insurance company, but at the end we were able to win Daniel’s case the full and complete settlement he deserved. The Anderson Injury Lawyers was able to win Brandon a $108,800 settlement, which was sufficient to cover for all of the accident-related expenses Brandon incurred, such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If you were rear-ended and need help, don’t relent in contacting the Anderson Injury Lawyers today.

Attorney’s Fees: $36,266.67 – Expenses: $882.44