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As a responsible driver knows, when a traffic light turns yellow, the correct thing to do would be to slow down and stop at the intersection. However, there are drivers that decide to speed up during yellow lights, which could potentially cause an accident, as was Misty’s case.

Failure to Slow Down

Misty was driving her vehicle when the traffic light turned yellow. Misty chose the best choice, which was to slow down. However, the vehicle that was travelling behind Misty was not able to control her speed and impacted Misty’s vehicle. After being taken to the emergency room, doctors diagnosed Misty with low back pain, which was thought to be a normal symptom of a car accident. After continuing to experience large amounts of pain, Misty received an MRI and went to an orthopedic consultation, where doctors diagnosed Misty with multiple disc protrusions, acute left sacroilitis, and other painful injuries. After many additional hospital visits, doctors discovered that Misty had other injuries, including a non-displaced fracture after Misty reported pain in her left ankle and foot. The accident caused Misty to endure her daily activities with pain, such as preparing meals and enjoying her work as a pre-school teacher. After many more surgeries, Misty decided that enough was enough.

Case Summary

Misty decided to contact the Anderson Injury Lawyers, where our legal and professional team was able to win Misty with the compensation she deserved. After fighting hard with the insurance company, our legal team was able to win Misty’s case an outstanding $120,000! Don’t let an accident prevent you of enjoying daily activities; contact our law firm today!

Attorney’s fees: $43,000 – Expenses: $5,728.70