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Car accidents usually happen at the blink of an eye, which can make them bring large amounts of pain and suffering to a victim of one. This was the case for Erin, whose casual driving experience turned to an unwanted nightmare.

Lack of Alertness Can Be Fatal

Erin was driving her vehicle in the local city of Grapevine, when she came to an intersection. What should have been a traffic light became a dangerous area: another driver that was waiting to turn left and proceeded at the same time that Erin’s traffic light turned green. The result was that Erin’s vehicle was struck in a very strong way. After being rushed by ambulance to a nearby hospital, doctors diagnosed Erin with multiple bone fractures and x-rays showed a lobulated appearance to Erin’s chest. As a result, Erin underwent several surgeries that involved placing many plates and screws to secure Erin’s bones in place. Due to the pain that the accident and surgeries caused, Erin could no longer enjoy the holiday season and spending time with her loved ones. Also, Erin was forced to stop playing instruments, which she enjoyed. On top of this, Erin’s hospital and medical bills were starting to exceed $100,000!

Case Summary

Erin gave the Anderson Injury Lawyers a call because she wanted for someone to represent her and fight for her rights as a victim of a car accident, which is exactly what we did. Our attorneys were able to win $132,500 for Erin’s case, which compensated for her pain, suffering, and medical expenses. Erin was now well on her way to recovery without having to worry about bills mounting on top of each other!

Attorney’s fees: $44,166.67 – Expenses: $125.17