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As drivers know, drunk driving is one of the most irresponsible and dangerous acts a driver can do. Drivers who decide to take the wheel while intoxicated can place other safe drivers in danger, as was the case with Melissa.

Drunk Drivers Are Dangerous

Melissa was driving in a local highway when all of a sudden she was hit by another vehicle. However, the driver of the vehicle did not cause the accident. The vehicle that hit Melissa was hit by a drunk driver that was also speeding. Due to the fact that the vehicle that hit Melissa was spinning, Melissa’s vehicle rolled over and finally stopped on its side. After Melissa was rushed to the emergency room, doctors diagnosed her with many injuries, including clavicle fracture and chest and facial contusion! Melissa’s medical bills started to exceed $90,000, which is when Melissa chose to give us a call.

Case Summary

The attorneys and legal team fought for Melissa’s settlement, which was $132,500! With this amount, Melissa’s medical bills were completely covered, and she could continue to receive accident-related treatment in the future without the worry of paying for it!

Attorney’s fees: $132,500 – Expenses: $564.96