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Accidents can occur suddenly and with little to no time to react. This was the case for James, who was having a normal day until a big rig impacted his vehicle.

An Unexpected Wreck

James was driving southbound on one of Texas’s busiest highways, I-35W. As has been the case for the last several years, construction and renovation projects occasionally cause traffic to occur. James came to a point in the highway where traffic was mounting, so he stopped whenever the traffic stopped. Everything seemed to be going as planned, when all of a sudden an 18-wheeler failed to stop and rear-ended the company vehicle James was driving. Consequently, James was injured. Upon going to the hospital, doctors performed several diagnoses and concluded that there was no significant injury and released James to go back to work…that’s when things turned south. James returned to the hospital and doctors diagnosed him with tachycardia, in addition to rhizotomy, and a compressed spine, among other serious back injuries. Apart from his mounting medical bills James was now missing work, which meant that he was losing wages. This, combined with medical expenses in surpassing $35,000 and the prognosis of lost wages in the future, meant that he would be stuck with an unfair debt.

Case Summary

The insurance company representing the at-fault party did not want to give James the money to cover for his accident-related expenses, which is when James decided to give us a call. After fighting the insurance company, we managed to knock-out their low offer and win James the compensation he deserved. The attorneys at the Anderson Injury Lawyers were able to win James’s case $135,000 which meant that James could now recover completely without the hassle of dealing with an unfair insurance company and unpaid medical bills!

Attorney’s fees: $52,000 – Expenses: $3,753.92