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Witness testimonies can be important, especially when the person deemed responsible for the accident is the wrong driver. This was the case for Mark.

Helpful Bystanders

Typically, when people hear of drivers getting rear-ended, the rear-ended driver is the victim. However, not all rear-ended accidents are the same. Mark was driving forward down the highway when all of a sudden a tow truck came into his lane and immediately stopped. This caused Mark’s car to impact the back of the tow truck. Even though the official report made by local authorities placed Mark as the at-fault driver, witnesses stated that Mark was in fact the victim of the wreck.

Among many of the injuries Mark endured, he suffered a concussion, bruises, pain in his spine and ribs, and more. The insurance company did not want to give Mark the full amount he rightfully deserved, which is why Mark decided to give our firm a call.

Case Summary

The attorneys at the Anderson Injury Lawyers were able to fight the at-fault driver’s insurance company hard and were able to win Mark’s case $300,000. This amount satisfied all of Mark’s accident-related debts, which meant that Mark would not have the burden of dealing with medical expenses for an accident he did not cause. We’re so glad we were able to help bring Mark justice.

Attorney’s fees: $120,000 – Expenses: $23,561.96