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Dog bites can be very, very dangerous for several reasons. First, a large and untamed dog can create serious bodily damage. Second, a dog without valid vaccinations can present a threat, especially if the dog has had a history of rabies. As for our client Cheryl, her dog injury left without a valuable piece of herself.

A Dangerous Dog and an Irresponsible Owner

It was like any other day for Cheryl. She was unloading a heavy object from back, so she asked her neighbor for help. When her neighbor opened the door, a large pit bull came from behind and attacked Cheryl. Due to the fact that she had a disability on her left arm and hand, Cheryl had no choice but to use her right arm and hand as self-defense. Cheryl was in agonizing pain as the dog ripped and tore through her right hand. The dog’s owner finally got the pit bull off Cheryl, and everything seemed fine. That’s when the second dog attack occurred. The pit bull jumped on Cheryl again, this time ripping of a portion of her right ear. Due to the fact that the neighbor’s dog caused the accident, the neighbor knew of the dog’s tendency to be vicious, and the neighbor failed to stop the attacks, Cheryl’s neighbor was deemed responsible for the accident.

Cheryl was taken to the hospital in an ambulance due to her intense pain. Cheryl was diagnosed with a five centimeter laceration in her right wrist and received a laceration repair procedure. As for Cheryl’s ear, Cheryl had to undergo surgical procedure to reattach the piece of the ear that was torn off by the pit bull. However, the surgery was unsuccessful because the reattached part of her ear did not survive. As a result, Cheryl’s ear was reduced in size and she had to go through a surgery to repair her ear scar and tissue. Additionally, Cheryl underwent another surgery on her right wrist to repair a sensory nerve.

Case Summary

As a result of Cheryl’s multiple surgeries and procedures, Cheryl’s medical bills mounted to over $200,000. Furthermore, Cheryl experienced anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder because of the attack. The attorneys at the Anderson Injury Lawyers knew that Cheryl needed to be fully compensated for her medical bills, scarring, disfigurement, and pain and suffering. That’s why we fought the at-fault party’s insurance company and were able to win a $305,000 settlement for Cheryl’s case.

Attorney’s Fees: $101,666.67 – Expenses: $1,733.91