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What happens when someone is accidentally injured by a company’s employee? More interestingly, what happens when the injury took place in an international airport? This was the case for our client Patricia, who was on her way to a flight when she was injured by an airport employee.

An Airport Accident

Patricia was in one of the terminals in a nearby airport. As she made her way to a connecting flight, an employee struck Patricia with an electric trolley, causing her to fall to the ground. And that’s not it, the employee didn’t even notice that Patricia was injured and continued onward. Patricia was rushed by ambulance to a nearby hospital where she complained of hip and groin pain. Doctors diagnosed Patricia with multiple fractures in the hip and groin area, which is something no one wants, especially right before going on a trip. When Patricia returned to her home state, Patricia received many physical therapy sessions and other medical treatments to address her injuries. After her medical treatment was finished, Patricia’s medical bills exceeded $80,000. This, of course, is without mentioning the pain and suffering that Patricia experienced.

Patricia, a recent widow, lived by herself. This meant that other family members had to help care for her injuries daily at her house. Also, Patricia planned on making trips to visit her brother in another state, and because of her injuries she was not able to do so. Patricia’s grandchild had her first child, who Patricia was unable to pick up because of her pain. Not being able to pick up a first great-grandchild is something that made Patricia very sad. Even everyday tasks such as going to the grocery store had to be altered; she now had to use an electric cart to get even the simplest of things.

Case Summary

When Patricia brought her case to us, we ensured her that we would take care of her in every step of the way, which is exactly what we did. Patricia was able to get the medical treatment she needed, and the best part: she did not have to pay for it out-of-pocket. Our attorneys fought the insurance company until they had a settlement offer that Patricia deserved. The Anderson Injury Lawyers won $312,500 for Patricia’s settlement. Through this settlement, all medical bills, pain and suffering, and damages were completely covered. If you want award-winning attorneys to represent you, look no further. Contact the Anderson Injury Lawyers today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.

Attorney’s Fees: $104,166.67 – Expenses: $194.18