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Some of the hardest cases I see here at my firm are the ones involving drunk drivers. I’ve said it countless times, but I’ll say it again; there’s never any excuse to drink and drive, and we fight relentlessly on behalf of drunk driving victims to bring them justice.

Braden was a 20-year-old solider in the Texas Army National Guard. On the day of Braden’s accident, he was on his way to military weekend duty and was driving through Euless. The at-fault driver, Linda, was also on the road that night; she had just left the bar after a night of drinking.

Braden was passing through an intersection when he was t-boned by Linda, who was speeding through a red light.

Linda survived the accident, but Braden was unresponsive and his car was a mangled mess. After firefighters used the claws of life to open his vehicle, Braden was taken to the hospital. He did not survive the accident.

We Fought for Braden’s Family

These kinds of stories are hard to tell, but I think they’re important. An innocent man lost his life, all because a woman – who was a registered nurse and a mother, no less – didn’t have the good sense to order an Uber or find a friend to drive her home. She got behind the wheel after drinking far too much, as witness testimonies, multiple BAC tests and Linda’s text messages later proved.

We represented Braden’s mother. Not only did we believe that Linda should be held responsible for Braden’s death (she was given a 20-year sentence for intoxication manslaughter), but we also believed the bar where Linda got drunk was to blame, too.

Case Summary – Dram Shop Law

In the state of Texas, we have something called Dram Shop Law. According to this law, businesses are required to stop selling alcohol to patrons who are obviously intoxicated. If they fail to “cut someone off,” and that drunk person then harms someone else, the bar can be held liable. The law is meant to dissuade bartenders from dangerously overserving guests.

During the case, we obtained video taken inside the bar, took many depositions of witnesses and bar employees, hired experts in the field of toxicology and bar procedures, and much more. Through all of this work, we were able to develop a persuasive case. We reached a successful settlement on the eve of trial. We hope Braden’s story serves as a reminder; there is never an excuse to get behind the wheel after a night at the bar. The Anderson Injury Lawyers won Braden’s case a $510,000 settlement. We fought for Braden’s family against the bar and drunk driver and won him the full justice his case deserved.

Attorney’s fees: $200,000 – Expenses: $5,121,674