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Sammie was driving through an intersection when an armored truck driver – a heavy, steel vehicle built to transport valuables – ran his stop sign and T-boned her car.

Sammie was caught completely off guard; she barely even had time to react. The impact caused severe and immediate damage, and Sammie was rushed to the hospital with an array of injuries, including a broken back.

When Sammie contacted Anderson Injury Lawyers, she was in a lot of pain and didn’t know how she would get the medical care she needed. We got to work quickly, setting Sammie up with doctors and physical therapists we trust. While Sammie was undergoing treatment, we contacted the armored trucking company to let them know we’d be bringing a case against them. Surprisingly, the armored truck’s insurance company informed us that they would deny the case. They explained that their driver ran his stop sign because the sign was missing from that intersection, and therefore, they didn’t believe the accident was his fault.

In response, our Fort Worth car accident attorneys went to the scene of the accident and began gathering evidence. During our investigation, we discovered that the stop sign was, indeed, missing, but there was another sign a few hundred feet back that warned drivers of the approaching intersection. In addition, we discovered that the armored truck’s driver traveled that same route every day, which meant he should have been familiar with the road and its signage. For these reasons, it didn’t make sense that the driver “wouldn’t have known” about the intersection or his requirement to stop.

Using this evidence, we fought the insurance company and were able to win the money Sammie needed to cover her medical expenses, future medical care, and the pain and suffering she endured as a result of this accident. We were committed to fighting for Sammie until the end, and that’s exactly what we did.

Attorney’s fees: $76,666.67 – Expenses: $784.51

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