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Too often we take our health for granted. We forget how much we rely on our bodies to get us to work and through the grocery store, to care for our children and earn our families a living. What would you do if suddenly your health was taken from you?

Our client Gary was, like many Americans, a laborer who needed to stay strong to do his job. He worked as an independent engineer, a job that required him to climb ladders into the attics of buildings. One day, Gary was rear-ended by another driver and suffered injuries to his back. Due to the injury, Gary could no longer perform his work duties and had to miss work – and miss earnings – for a period of time.

Not Enough Insurance to Cover the Costs

In any usual car wreck case, you’d expect the other driver’s insurance to pay for Gary’s medical bills and lost wages. Unfortunately, the other driver was underinsured, meaning they didn’t have enough insurance to cover Gary’s damages. (They carried only the minimum limits of $30,000, but Gary’s bills exceeded that).

Gary came to us with a big dilemma. How would he pay his medical bills? How would he make up his missed work days? He was worried about his options and his mounting debt, but we were there to help.

Case Summary

Part of our job as injury lawyers is to make sure we seek out all the possible insurance available for our clients. In cases where there was an underinsured motorist, the next step is to work to find if there’s an underinsured motorist policy (UIM) that we can go after. In this case, there was. We took over Gary’s case and got the carrier for the third party to tender its policy limits. Then we went after Gary’s UIM carrier.

We ultimately got Gary the compensation he deserved, settling for $72,000 in UIM plus $10,000 PIP plus $30,000 from the at-fault driver for a total recovery of $112,500.

Net settlement to client after expenses: $72,657.48