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Dogs are man’s best friend, right?

Unfortunately, not always.

Jason was riding his bicycle with a large group of cyclists one weekend. He’d spent time on the bike and knew all the hazards to look out for – other bikers, cars on the road and pedestrians, too. What Jason didn’t expect was exactly what happened next – a dog came running out into the street right in front of Jason’s bike, causing him to be thrown from the seat .

Jason seriously hurt his shoulder during the fall and was taken by ambulance to Harris Hospital. He required ongoing chiropractic care to fully heal. By the end of the ordeal, his total medical expenses were $7,950.

Here’s the thing about dogs on the loose. By law, it’s a dog owner’s responsibility to keep their dog secure. Texas has strict leash laws that prohibit dogs from running free for this very reason. We often see cases where a dog gets free and bites someone, but we’ve also seen instances like this one where a dog runs in front of someone’s car or bike and causes them to swerve and wreck.

If someone else is careless with their pet and YOU get hurt as a result, why should YOU have to suffer the consequences?

Though Jason’s medical expenses were about eight grand, we knew he deserved to be compensated for more than just his bills. Jason deserved payment for the pain, suffering and hassle he’d endured as a result of the dog owner’s carelessness. We filed a lawsuit on Jason’s behalf and successfully won him $29,500.