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Dory and Jacob were feeling excited. After months of planning, they’d finally bought a new car and were driving it back to their home in Central Texas. On their way home, however, the unthinkable happened – a drunk driver came speeding up from behind and slammed right into the back of them.

The accident totaled their brand new car and seriously injured Jacob. He was taken to the hospital and was diagnosed with an array of injuries that prevented him from returning to work. As a result, Jacob underwent two months of rehabilitation before he could return to work.

There’s No Excuse for Drunk Drivers

There’s absolutely no excuse to drink and drive. The drunk driver snatched Dory and Jacob’s health and happiness right out from under them, and they suffered as a result of the accident. When they came to us, they were upset, stressed and confused.

Dory especially was upset about her husband’s injuries and worried about his recovery. Would he suffer long-term pain as a result of the accident? Would his quality of life ever be the same? Jacob, too, had worries, though his involved financial matters. How would he pay for his mounting medical bills if he continued to miss work? Would he be able to return to work at all?

We’re glad Dory and Jacob contacted us, and we were confident we could win them the compensation they deserved to set things right again.

Case Summary

First, we went after the drunk driver’s insurance. We exhausted his entire policy, obtaining the maximum amount of money possible. Next, we turned to Dory and Jacob’s own underinsured motorist coverage. This kind of coverage is meant to protect you if you’re in a wreck with someone who doesn’t have enough insurance to cover your damages, and it doesn’t penalize you for using it. However, it doesn’t come easily – we built a strong case in favor of Dory and Jacob’s situation, and fought the insurance company to get them the compensation they needed.

In the end, we successfully recovered $162,500 to cover Jacob’s medical expenses, his totaled car, the days he’d missed off work and to compensate the couple for their pain and suffering.

Net settlement to client after expenses: $106,848.27