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Recently, with all of the construction taking place in Texas, drivers can easily fall victims of distracted drivers or drivers who are travelling at high speeds. Such was the case of a driver who exited a ramp and struck the vehicle Marc and his wife were in.

A Multiple-Injury Wreck

Just like any other day, Marc was travelling down the highway with his wife, when all of a sudden a vehicle that was going over 30 miles per hour over the speed limit struck Marc’s vehicle. After being taken to the hospital, Marc’s injuries included posterior central disc herniation, facet joints tinnitus, and other painful injuries. After being treated for his injuries, Marc and his wife were left with a mounting medical bill, lost income, and pain and suffering. Also, spending time with his wife and working were both negatively affected by the accident, due to the injuries that Marc suffered. That’s when Marc decided to give us a call.

Case Summary

Our attorneys at the Anderson Injury Lawyers were able to win Marc’s case with the compensation he deserved: $272,500! Marc was rightfully compensated for his time off work, and was able to be on the road to recovery in no time.

Attorney’s fees: $90,833.33 – Expenses: $4,464.92