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Children get hurt – all parents know that. They play too rough or go too far and a knee gets scratched or an elbow bruised. Most of the time, though, accidents are just accidents. But what happens when your child’s injury was caused by someone’s negligence?

Daycare Negligence

When the Fuller family put their toddler Tony into daycare, they trusted the adults to take care of him. Unfortunately, the daycare failed that duty not once but twice.

In the first incident, the daycare attendant slammed a door on Tony’s finger, partially severing it. Tony was rushed to the hospital to have surgery performed. In the second incident, Tony fell at the daycare and suffered a fractured clavicle.

The Fuller family came to us wondering what could be done. Sure, accidents happen, but this was extreme. We couldn’t agree more. When you put your child in the hands of a daycare, you’re trusting those employees to do everything in their power to keep your child safe. No accident, no matter how small, is acceptable. Daycare centers have a duty to be diligent and employ well-trained personnel to avoid such catastrophes as the ones Tony suffered.

Case Summary

We quickly went to work building Tony’s case. We worked around the idea that the daycare and their employees failed to property supervise Tony, using evidence from the multiple incidents to file a lawsuit. The case ultimately settled for more than double the amount the daycare had originally offered to pay the Fuller family, $120,000.

Attorney’s fees: $80,000 – Expenses: $5,444.71