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A lot of our clients come to us frustrated, and for good reason. Car wrecks are not easy. Dealing with injuries and missing work is not easy. Fighting with the insurance company and the at-fault driver is NOT easy. Luckily, we can help.

Our client Susan was driving through Fort Worth when a speeding driver slammed into her. The wreck cause serious injury to Susan’s ankle and one of her eyes, among other things.

Susan didn’t have health insurance, and she felt powerless. How would she pay her medical bills? She was unemployed at the time but we looking for work, so this wreck was a serious setback. That’s when she came to us. Despite not having health insurance, we arranged for Susan to see an orthopedic specialist (using a letter of protection) to treat her ankle. We also helped set her up with a surgical procedure to correct her eyelid, which had been damaged by the airbag.

Last, we dealt with the insurance company on Susan’s behalf.

How We Increased Our Client’s Settlement

Before she hired us, the speeding driver’s insurance company offered Susan $900 for her “inconvenience.” Talk about insulting. Susan had racked up thousands of dollars in medical bills as a result of the accident THEIR driver caused. She deserved better.

We waited for Susan to finish healing in order to learn the true value of her case, and armed with that information, we started the fight. (We always ensure our clients are fully recovered before we pursue compensation. Settling a case too early is a mistake that’s easy to make, but we know exactly what it takes to win a case like this, and resolved medical bills are the first step).

The insurance company refused to pay Susan’s lost wages because she was unemployed, but we argued that Susan was highly employable and had been looking for work at the time of the accident, so this wreck did affect her potential earnings.

Case Summary

After we filed a lawsuit, the insurance company immediately decided to offer the full policy limit of the insurance possessed by their insured. (They knew that if we went to trial, the jury would side with us and order them to pay Susan what she deserved). We then made a claim on our client’s underinsured motorists coverage and were also able to obtain the full policy limit of that insurance, too.

In the end, we won Susan the maximum amount of insurance available, $72,000, and that amount was 80 times the original offer from the insurance company.

Net settlement to client after expenses: $46,475.93