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Our client Jack was a regular guy with one unique quality: he had two prosthetic legs. Despite this, he was able to live daily life just like the rest of us.

One day, Jack was driving his truck through an intersection when another car ran a red light, causing a huge wreck. Jack’s prosthetic legs – which are extremely expensive – were destroyed in the crash. He also lost his hearing aids – also very costly – and wasn’t able to find them as he was rushed to the hospital by EMS.

Bodily Injury versus Property Damage

By the time Jack was mended up and working on his insurance claim against the other driver, he encountered a big problem: the insurance company wanted to file the entire claim under the bodily injury portion of their driver’s coverage. But what about Jack’s prosthetic legs and hearing aid? Were those bodily injuries, or property damage?

The answer matters because if the insurance only used the bodily injury policy, the policy limit would only be $50,000 – barely enough to cover the cost of the prosthetic legs, with no money left to pay for Jack’s medical bills.

The insurance company knew this, but they wanted to pay Jack as little as possible to save money, and they thought they could get away with it, too.

Case Summary

We fought on Jack’s behalf to get money for property damage AND bodily injury. And we won. We successfully negotiated $46,400 to replace Jack’s prosthetic legs and hearing aids and the full $50,000 for his bodily injury, totaling $96,400 in compensation.

Net settlement to client after expenses: $64,685.03