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Choosing to drive while intoxicated is very irresponsible. Choosing to take the wheel under those conditions could place the driver and others in significant danger, as has been the case for many victims throughout the years. Whenever a drunk driver crashes against another vehicle, the injured victim can be left with serious injuries. This was the case for our client, Bradley, who was left with significant injuries after a drunk driver crashed into his vehicle.

DWI is Unacceptable

Bradley was driving on a local road and came to a stop in Burleson, Texas. Everything was going fine until the driver of the vehicle behind him did not control his speed and hit Bradley’s vehicle with a strong impact. When police officers arrived at the scene, it was determined that the at-fault driver (the driver that hit Bradley) was intoxicated. When officers tried to arrest the drunk driver, he resisted. After being wrestled to the ground and handcuffed, the driver that crashed into Bradley was arrested. After going through a series of tests, officers placed the fault of the accident to the driver that hit Bradley. In addition, this accident was the second instance of the at-fault driver driving while intoxicated. Clearly, Bradley was innocent of the accident.

When Bradly went to the emergency room, doctors ordered x-rays and CT scans on Bradley’s chest, abdomen, pelvis, and other areas. Bradley was diagnosed with right posterior thoracic contusion. Even though he received medication, Bradley still experienced pain in his lower back, so he was taken again to the hospital, given medication, and was then released. When all seemed to be finally going well, Bradley fainted in a bathroom and was taken to the emergency department again. Doctors diagnosed Bradley with multiple disc protrusions, post-concussion syndrome, and other injuries. After receiving physical therapy sessions, Bradley’s pain did not end. Bradley received multiple injections in his back and spine, and underwent lower back surgery. When Bradley’s mounting medical bills exceeded $100,000 and incurred lost wages, Bradley knew he needed help.

Case Summary

The attorneys at the Anderson Injury Lawyers fought a long battle with the intoxicated driver’s insurance company until they were able to give Bradley the compensation he deserved. Our legal team was able to win a $250,000 settlement for Bradley’s case. This covered Bradley’s medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering he incurred due to his injuries, such as his intimate life being affected and his work performance decreasing due to his injuries. If you were injured in an accident caused by a drunk driver, don’t delay and call the Anderson Injury Lawyers today.

Attorney’s fees: $89,437 – Expenses: $3,479.17