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It’s one of the most common reasons injury victims call my firm – they’ve been in a serious accident, but the driver who hit them doesn’t have any insurance (which is illegal in Texas) or worse, they flee the scene (also illegal in Texas), leaving the victim high and dry.

A Hit and Run Accident

Cathy started the day as she started most days. She was up early and got to work in Arlington before the traffic rush. Later that morning, her boss asked her to run an errand in his pickup truck. While Cathy was waiting at an intersection to make a left-hand turn, another vehicle rear-ended her. The at-fault driver then fled the scene before police arrived.

Even though there was very little damage to the truck, Cathy was left with serious injuries to her neck, hip and back. She was taken to the hospital and ultimately required surgery.

Trouble Getting Medical Treatment

When Cathy first contacted us, she was in a world of pain and confusion. She worried that the police wouldn’t find the person who hit her. How would she make a claim if she couldn’t use the at-fault driver’s insurance? How would she pay for the surgery she needed? In the meantime, she had been trying to deal with her injuries with over the counter medication.

As soon as Cathy hired us, we got her medical treatment right away. We don’t allow our clients to go on hurting just because they’re waiting for a case to settle, and we often use a letter of protection to get them seen quickly. (We recommend that all personal injury victims should get the medical treatment they need right away, before the case settles, even if that means using your own health insurance. If you don’t finish treating, you have no way to really know what your case is worth).

Additionally, we looked into Cathy’s case and discovered that, since she was injured on the job, she could make a worker’s compensation claim. This was great news, since hit-and-run accident victims often have limited options.

Case Summary

In the end, we won Cathy $335,000 to pay for her medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. We got her in to see a doctor quickly and ensured she earned the maximum compensation available to her.

Net settlement to client after expenses: $222,847.95