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As you’re driving down the road, you know the biggest hazard isn’t pedestrians or potholes. It’s other drivers.

Unfortunately, Craig learned that the hard way. Craig was driving in Denton when another driver made an illegal left turn and struck Craig’s pickup truck at high speeds.

Illegal Turn Leads to Concussion

Craig went straight to the doctor. He had pain in his spine, lower back, legs, hips and abdomen. He also suffered painful headaches. Initially, he was diagnosed with back and neck sprain, bilateral foot pain, and contusions to the chest and abdomen. After seeking further medical attention, however, it was also learned that he had suffered a concussion in the crash. He required an MRI and ongoing physical therapy to recover.

Throughout all of this, Craig was unable to continue his labor-intensive employment and subsequently was terminated by his employer as a result.

Craig came to us hurt, discouraged and worried about how he’d pay his medical bills now that he’d lost his job. His life had been seriously altered at the hands of another driver, and we knew he shouldn’t have to suffer for it. We took his case into our hands and fought for the compensation Craig deserved.

Craig was in pain for almost a year, and his inability to return to work for a prolonged period resulted in extreme financial hardship for his family. His doctors told him he will likely have to continue to take medication for injuries related to this accident for the rest of his life.

Case Summary

We used Craig’s story against the at-fault driver and successfully recovered the maximum compensation available through his insurance, which was $125,000. Craig was very happy about the outcome.

Net settlement to client after expenses: $83,586.48