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Dora was driving down Brentwood Stair in Fort Worth when an elderly lady ran a stop sign and hit the driver’s side of Dora’s pickup truck.

In the accident, Dora suffered a meniscus tear to her left knee. When she filed a claim through the insurance company, they dug into her medical history and found something they “thought” would devalue her case – two years before the accident, Dora had hurt her OTHER knee. Despite the fact that this old knee injury was completely unrelated to the accident and had to do with Dora’s right knee, no her left, the insurance adjuster called it a pre-existing injury and offered her only $4,135 for her claim.

Dora was furious, but she didn’t know what to do. How could the insurance company treat her so unfairly? How could she make them see reason? Dora knew she didn’t have any experience fighting insurance companies, so she came to us.

We got to work on Dora’s case right away. We knew she’d been hurt in an accident that wasn’t at all her fault, and she didn’t deserve to suffer the consequences. Since the insurance company was being stubborn, we filed a lawsuit on Dora’s behalf – we were willing to take the case to court unless they started cooperating.

We were able to prove that Dora’s knee injury was caused by the accident and was not pre-existing. After filing the lawsuit, the insurance company paid $45,000 to settle the case. Dora was extremely satisfied with the outcome.