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When people think of the month of June, the first thoughts to typically come up involve kids coming out of school, vacations taking place, and weekends filled with fun. However, as was Clinton’s case, other drivers could make an exciting season into the beginning of a painful one.

A Painful Experience

It was just another day for Clinton, who was riding his motorcycle on a beautiful June day. However, all of a sudden another driver who failed to yield drove directly into Clinton. Due to the suddenness of the situation, there was not any time for Clinton to maneuver out of harm’s way. After being taken to the emergency room, doctor’s discovered he had multiple severe injuries, including multiple bone fractures, an injury to his ankle, and multiple surgeries! Furthermore, Clinton would require medical care for now and the future, which meant his medical bills easily exceeded $150,000.

Case Summary

Clinton knew he needed legal representation to make sure his rights as an injured car wreck victim were being acknowledged, and without hesitation he chose to contact the Anderson Injury Lawyers. After fighting hard with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, we managed to win $250,000 for Clinton’s settlement, which meant that Clinton could have his medical bills covered for now and the future! If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, take Clinton’s case as consideration and give us a call today!

Attorney’s fees: $84,166.67 – Expenses: $1,325.82