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When people think of passenger trucks, they often think of an added measure of security in the event of car accidents. However, being a passenger in a truck can often bring the same, if not worse, effects of a car accident, as was Robert’s experience.

Passengers in Trucks Can Be Hurt by Other Cars

Robert was the passenger of a truck that was travelling on a common Fort Worth highway. All seemed well until a car struck the truck that Robert was in. The impact caused Robert to go to a medical institute, where doctors diagnosed him with thoracic segmental dysfunction, cervical radiculitis, and other painful injuries. After taken part of many rehabilitation sessions and medical procedures, Robert’s medical expenses were starting to surpass $78,000! Also, due to his injuries, Robert’s job was lost because it required extensive physical activity, and daily tasks such as walking his dogs were activities that he could no longer do. That’s when Robert decided to give us a call.

Case Summary

The attorneys at the Anderson Injury Lawyers were able to win $102,500 for Robert’s case after fighting hard with the insurance company. We worked with Robert every step of the way to make sure that he knew exactly what was going on. Robert won the compensation he deserved as a car accident victim, and so can you!

Attorney’s fees: $34,166.67 – Expenses: $440