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Bus wrecks in Texas are more common than you might think, but would you know what to do if you were involved in one?

Frank was riding a Fort Worth city bus when it was unexpectedly rear-ended by a van. He hurt his shoulder in the wreck. Frank wasn’t sure what to do so he quickly hired a lawyer without doing much research. Unfortunately, the lawyer he hired wasn’t getting Frank the results he wanted or deserved, and Frank felt out of the loop. He never knew what was going on with his case and couldn’t establish good communication with the firm, so he ended the contract.

Frank found us next and explained his troubles. We looked at Frank’s case and knew we could help him, and we got to work right away.

We Used a Letter of Protection

We helped Frank get the care he needed under a letter of protection – a vital option for many of our clients. This is what we use when clients don’t have health insurance or have a high deductible plan they can’t afford.

Once Frank was finished treating and his medical bills were in, we went after the van driver’s insurance company. The insurance company offered to pay only a small fraction of the money Frank deserved to pay for his medical bills, let alone the pain the accident had caused him. We were insulted by the initial offer and filed a lawsuit against them. That made them rethink their strategy. The insurance company didn’t want to go to trial, so they gave us another offer and then another. Still, we weren’t satisfied.

Frank was injured in a wreck that he had no part in. He had to endure doctor’s visits and a shoulder injury that disrupted his life. He deserved full compensation, and we were going to get it for him.

Case Summary

After much negotiation and with the threat of trial hanging over the at-fault insurance company, we successfully resolved the case to our client’s satisfaction. Frank was awarded a total of $115,000.

Net settlement to client after expenses: $74,646.23