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When we think of car accidents, we often only think of the drivers. But what if you’re a passenger in a car? What if the driver gets into a wreck and you’re hurt, too?

This was the case for Sheri. She was a regular passenger in a vehicle driving down the highway when all of a sudden the driver behind her lost control and slammed into her. After several MRI’s and X-rays, doctors discovered that Sheri had endured cervical, thoracic and lumbar sprains, in addition to several other serious back problems. Because of her injuries, Sheri’s medical bills totaled over $35,000, which included all the costs she needed for therapies, medical imaging and rehabilitation.

Life became difficult for Sheri after the wreck. She had severe back pain and doing normal daily activities – like cooking and cleaning – turned into a long and painful process. Additionally, she was becoming more and more worried about her mounting medical bills. Her husband had recently lost his job and she was looking for a job herself to help in the interim. This, of course, became impossible after the wreck.

How the Anderson Injury Lawyers Helped

Unable to seek employment due to her pain and unable to pay her hospital bills, Sheri turned to us. When she called us, she was confused, frustrated and stressed about her finances and her pain. She had never been in this kind of accident before and wasn’t sure how to handle a car accident injury case.

We assured Sheri we would take control of everything. We got right to work gathering evidence and contacting the insurance company on Sheri’s behalf. We fought the at-fault driver’s insurance company and demanded that Sheri be fully compensated for the medical treatment and emotional suffering she endured. Here at the Anderson Injury Lawyers, our lawyers and professional staff were able to create a strong enough case that forced the insurance company to provide Sheri with her financial compensation.

Case Summary

The insurance company was forced to comply to our demands and agreed to our terms. Sheri was very satisfied with the outcome of $61,000.