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Drunk driving accidents are some of the most dangerous types of wrecks that can occur, not only because the accident and injuries tend to be bigger, but because they are completely, one hundred percent avoidable.

Heather was a passenger in a parked car. She was talking to the driver, waiting in a parking lot for their third friend to arrive. Suddenly, a drunk driver threw his car into reverse and hit the gas. He slammed into the front of the car Heather was in, causing a serious wreck. Police rushed to the scene and arrested the drunk, charging him with drunk driving and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon – his car.

Drunk Driving Leads to Serious Injuries

Due to the force of the wreck, Heather was immediately taken by ambulance to the emergency room where she was treated for numerous injuries. She suffered significant pain to her left leg and right shoulder. Her injuries included shoulder instability and nerve damage to her left foot requiring the occasional use of a walking boot.

When Heather came to us, she was worried about her medical bills and how long it would take for her to recover. She also worried about the claim in regards to the drunk driver; was it possible to recover compensation from him? She’d been rushed to the hospital so quickly and everything had happened so fast that Heather felt very confused and overwhelmed.

Case Summary

We immediately took her case into our hands. Based on the extreme negligence of the guilty driver and the serious injuries suffered by Heather, we were able to successfully resolve the claim for the maximum insurance limits. In addition to the drunk driver’s insurance, we also went after the underinsured motorists coverage of the driver of the car Heather was in (at no penalty to them).

In the end, we successfully won Heather’s case. She was very happy with the result of $330,000.
Net settlement to client after expenses: $219,575.75