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Think of the last time you drove to the grocery. Or to school to pick up your kids. Or home from work with thoughts of dinner on your mind. My client was no different than you. She was waiting at a yield sign for traffic to clear when a driver came speeding in and slammed into the back of her car.

As a personal injury attorney in Fort Worth, I can’t tell you how often people underestimate rear-end collisions. However, take this story as an example of the serious injuries that rear-end wrecks can cause. My client named Ronda – the woman at the yield sign – ended up with a torn rotator cuff and a torn labrum, both of which required surgery.

Rear-End Collision Aftermath

In addition to the significant medical bills associated with Ronda’s surgery, she was forced to miss work (and therefore lost wages) while she recovered. She’s a chef, and since shoulder surgery required her to wear a sling for over a month, she wasn’t able to return to work until the sling came off. This, of course, increased her financial burden.

Since the accident wasn’t her fault, Ronda expected the other driver’s insurance – Allstate – to cover her costs. However, Allstate gave Ronda an offer so low that it was insulting. Their offer wouldn’t have even paid off all her doctor bills, let alone money for her lost earnings or compensation for her pain and suffering.

We Increased Our Client’s Settlement by 50 Percent

Once Ronda became my client, we filed a lawsuit and fought Allstate. We carefully detailed all aspects of her case and forced Allstate to see reason. Ronda’s injuries were serious. The pain she’d been through was serious. Allstate needed to act like it.

In the end, we were able to convince Allstate to pay Ronda 50 percent more than their original offer.

Allstate can be a tough insurance company – I think they’re one of the worst in terms of offering fair value on people’s claims. We’re glad Ronda came to us, and we were able to increase her offer to $130,000.

Net settlement to client after expenses: $83,574.28