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Rear-end accidents are one of the most common kinds of auto wrecks we see at the Anderson Injury Lawyers, so when Janice and Paul came to us after they’d been rear-ended on the highway, we knew we could help.

Rear-End Wreck on Highway 121

The pair had been driving on Highway 121 when Paul eased on the brakes. The driver behind him – clearly speeding – crashed into the back of their car, forcing Paul to hit the car in front of him. When police came to the scene, they placed the speeding driver at-fault for “failure to control speed.”

Janice and Paul were taken to a local emergency room. Paul was diagnosed with cervical sprain – an injury that continued to cause him neck and back pain in the coming months. Janice was diagnosed with lumbar disc disease and lumbar facet pain. She was given steroid injections to lower her pain, but when the pair came to us, neither was fully recovered.

Our Injury Lawyers Handle Rear-End Cases

Our firm worked with the medical providers to make sure the injuries were properly connected to the accident. If doctors don’t make the right notes in a patients medical records (or don’t make any notes at all), that can seriously hurt the patient as they’re trying to make a claim because it makes it very hard to connect the accident to the injuries. We never let this happen to our clients.

Additionally, some insurance adjusters don’t see rear-end accident’s as being “that bad.” Because getting rear ended is common and does not always result in serious injuries, some adjusters like to argue that the victim’s medical treatment is unnecessary or overblown. By carefully documenting each piece of our client’s cases, we ensured that they were given full and fair compensation for their damages and injuries.

Case Summary

Based on the negligence of the at-fault driver, and the extreme nature of the injuries suffered by our clients, we were able to successfully resolve the claim. Janice and Paul were very happy with the final settlement of $180,000.

Net settlement to client after expenses: $117,457.92