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If ever you’re in an accident that’s the other driver’s fault, you expect them to pay for it. They caused the accident, after all, so they are responsible for paying for any damages or injuries you suffered. But what happens if the other driver doesn’t have insurance? What if they do have insurance, but it’s not enough to cover all of your expenses? Such was the case with our client, Sandra.

Not Enough Insurance to Cover the Costs

Sandra was involved in a serious accident in Fort Worth that was the other driver’s fault. She was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with a neck injury. She received a nerve root block injection, but it wasn’t enough to fix the problem. In the time after, she saw two different orthopedic surgeons who both told her that she needed surgery if she ever wanted to be pain-free again. Sandra had the surgery.

Unfortunately, Sandra was a key breadwinner in her family and couldn’t work during all this time. She lost out on tons of wages, but her worker’s compensation coverage wouldn’t pay all that she’d lost. In addition, the at-fault driver only had $30,000 in insurance limits – not nearly enough to pay Sandra back for the tens of thousand of dollar she had racked up in medical bills and lost wages.

When Sandra came to us, her primary concern was the low insurance limits of the other driver. She felt that her situation was extremely unfair, and we agreed. It’s not right that accident victims should be left to pay huge for medical bills from an accident they didn’t cause. However, part of our job as personal injury attorneys is to dig for all possible insurance available to our clients. We discovered that Sandra had an uninsured motorist policy, which was great news.

Case Summary

We got right to work on Sandra’s behalf, negotiating with the insurance company for the full $250,000 on Sandra’s uninsured motorist insurance – all the money that could have possibly been available to her. This, combined with the at-fault driver’s policy of $30,000 netted Sandra a total of $280,000.

Net settlement to client after expenses: $184,664.96