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There’s a reason red light wrecks are so serious. When two cars driving opposite directions collide, there’s potential for serious – even fatal – injury. Worse, the victim hardly ever sees the wreck coming. Such was the case with our client Jose.

Jose was a full time golfer. He relied on his good health to earn his income, and he’d made big strides over the years to improve his game. Recently, Jose had come close to admittance to the PGA’s Sr. Pro Tour/Champion’s Tour, and this year he was hoping to make it.

Jose was hit broadside in an intersection by a speeding driver who was attempting to run a red light. He was transported from the accident scene on a backboard to be taken to the ER for emergency treatment. After several rounds of X-rays, our client was diagnosed with chest contusions and shoulder joint separation which required orthopedic surgery. He also suffered significant abrasions, bruising, and pain as a result of the wreck, and was required to wear a sling for several weeks post-surgery.

Since Jose worked as a self-employed golfer, his injuries meant he couldn’t play like he used to. His dreams of the Champion’s Tour were dashed. All because some driver ran a red light.

Jose deserved compensation for more than just his medical bills. He deserved to be paid for the bright future that had been taken from him, and the pain and suffering he’d endured along the way.

We used Jose’s story as our ammo and proved to the insurance company the skill and potential he’d lost. We successfully obtained the maximum amount of insurance available, which was $100,000.