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As a personal injury law firm can tell you, sometimes the majority of car accidents are caused by driver error. This was the case of the driver who impacted Namrata’s vehicle after failing to stop at an intersection.

A Costly Error

Namrata was driving her vehicle in a local road in Irving, when all of a sudden a vehicle that passed a stop sign without stopping impacted Namarata’s vehicle in a T-bone style. Due to the accident, Namrata had to be taken to the hospital, where doctors diagnosed her of an open forearm fracture, distal radius fracture, and other serious bone injuries. In addition, after visiting an orthopedic doctor, Namrata was advised to have one of her plates to decrease the risk of flexor tendon rupture. Namrata’s pain and suffering did not stop after surgery, however. Namrata works as an IT consultant, and her job prevented her from working, which translated to having lost wages, both currently and in the future. Even more, Namrata was unable to play with her son or spend time with her family that just flew in from another country. Even more, Namrata could no longer enjoy activities such as playing sports, gardening, and even sleeping. After experiencing this large amount of pain and suffering Namrata knew that she needed an experienced attorney to fight for her rights.

Case Summary

Namrata gave us a call, and we schedule a free, no-obligation meeting with her. After agreeing to represent her, our attorneys at the Anderson Injury Lawyers fought for Namrata’s compensation relentlessly until we got the amount that her case deserved: $200,000! If you have had an accident similar to Namrata, or if you have any questions regarding an accident in general, give us a call today!

Attorney’s Fees: $50,000 – Expenses: $329.06