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When we think of car wrecks, most of us think about T-bone accidents and highway collisions. But what about the other kinds of accidents? What about the accidents where you weren’t moving at all?

Roadside Stop Accident

Part of Jared’s job involved traveling around town and making frequent stops. Jared was making one such stop and was parked on the side of the road when suddenly another car slammed into the back of him. The police came to the scene and noted in their reports that the other driver hadn’t been paying attention – that’s why they wrecked into Jared.

After the accident, Jared went to the emergency room and doctors told him he needed shoulder surgery for a torn rotator cuff. Additionally, Jared also needed intensive rehabilitation following the surgery that required him to take off work. Jared began to worry – with all this time off work and his mounting medical bills, would the at-fault driver have the insurance to cover him? Would the insurance company agree to pay all his bills?

Jared was taking no risks, so he contacted us. We were glad he did.

The Anderson Injury Lawyers Won Jared $100,000

We first worked with Jared’s medical providers to ensure he was getting the treatment he needed, and that they were keeping proper documentation of all of his bills and medical notes. We also worked through his complicated lost wage claim and resolved the lien filed by his worker’s compensation carrier. By the time we began negotiating with the insurance company, we’d build a strong case for Jared that no adjuster could argue with or deny.

We settled Jared’s case for $100,000, which was more than enough to cover his losses for the accident. Jared was very happy for the settlement and thankful that he contacted us.

Net settlement to client after expenses: $64,594.37