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Car accidents can come instantly and without a moment’s notice. This was the case for our client, Calvin, who was driving with his son was a peaceful day when another vehicle crashed into them with strong force. As you will see here, when the Anderson Injury Lawyers takes on a case, we make sure to fight for our clients until win them their full justice.

A Direct Hit

Calvin was driving eastbound in a local road in Fort Worth with his son as the passenger. Everything was going smoothly until a driver who was driving westbound drove out of his lane and into oncoming traffic, hitting Calvin’s vehicle directly head-on. The force of the impact was so great that Calvin’s airbags were activated and the vehicle was left seriously damaged. Due to the impact, Calvin was transported to a nearby hospital in an ambulance. He felt pain in his ankle, leg, and chest, and was starting to swell in the affected areas. At the hospital, doctors diagnosed Calvin with an anterior subluxation of the talar dome relative to the tibial plafond, a transverse metatarsal fracture, and other painful injuries on his foot and ankle. Calvin was prescribed medication and was referred to an orthopedic surgeon.

After receiving x-rays and an MRI on Calvin’s left foot and ankle, medical imaging revealed Calvin had a multiple bone fractures and ligament injuries. This required surgery. After the surgery, Calvin was left with hardware on his foot and ankle, and Calvin required physical therapy. The surgery left scarring on Calvin’s foot and ankle, and forced Calvin to halt work in order to recover. In addition to missing work (which meant he had lost wages), Calvin lost valuable time with his family, was unable to sleep properly without medication, and other personal injuries.

Case Summary

Our attorneys were able to win Calvin a $138,495 settlement offer from the insurance company. This settlement was not an easy achievement. The insurance company tried to use their tricks and strategies against us, but because we have over twenty years in representing injured car wreck victims, we knew exactly what to look out for. Once the insurance company knew who we were, they had no choice but to give us a settlement offer that would be sufficient to cover for all of Calvin’s medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Attorney’s Fees: $46,165 – Expenses: $679.45