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Safe drivers usually know to look out for drivers that may represent a danger to others. Sometimes this is successful, and an accident is avoided. Other times, however, this is not the case, as was Melinda’s experience.

Pain, Suffering, and Lost Wages

Melinda was travelling down Highway 287 in Fort Worth on what appeared to be a normal day. Everything was fine until another driver, in an attempt to avoid traffic, moved to Melinda’s lane to make a U-turn. Melinda slowed down because of traffic; the other driver did not slow down and collided with Melinda’s vehicle. Melinda was taken to an emergency room, where a doctor diagnosed her with neck sprain and strain, contusion of knee, and other pain. However, the pain did not stop. Melinda visited a chiropractor, where she was diagnosed with cervicalgia, muscle spasm, and other serious injuries. As if not enough, Melinda kept experiencing pain and decided to go to an orthopedic, who diagnosed her with lower back pain, lumbar radiculopathy, and other serious injuries. After receiving multiple injections, surgery, therapy treatment, and rehabilitation sessions, Melinda’s medical bills exceeded $100,000! The pain and suffering did not stop there. Melinda was forced to miss hours of work because of her injuries, which caused her to miss a substantial amount of wages.

Case Summary

Melinda contacted our legal team at the Anderson Injury Lawyers, and we were able to represent her and fight for her rights. Our attorneys were able to win $130,000 for Melinda’s case, and she was now on her way to a recovery that was free of worry.

Attorney’s fees: $43,333.33 – Expenses: $1,858.72