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Wrecking a new vehicle – it’s a fear we’ve all had while test driving that new ride. Unfortunately for John, that fear became a reality.

John was trying out a new Harley at a dealership in Waco, Texas when a car attempted a U-turn right in front of him. With no time to react, the collision was inevitable.

Motorcycle Wrecks and Injuries

Motorcycle-on-car wrecks are not the same as car-on-car wrecks. Without the protection of a vehicle’s frame, motorcycle wrecks tend to cause bigger injuries and higher medical bills. John’s case was no exception. He suffered many injuries including a severely broken leg, which required surgery.

When John came to us, he was in pain and worried about paying his medical bills.We assured him we’d handle his case and to focus on what mattered – recovering.

Not Enough Coverage

Once John was healed we were able to determine the full scope of his medical bills. Since the other driver caused the wreck, it was THEIR insurance company’s job to pay John’s bills, but there was a problem – their policy limits were only the minimum of $30,000. That might seem like a lot of money, but in John’s case it wasn’t nearly enough to cover all of his medical expenses, not to mention the money he deserved for lost wages, and his pain and suffering. Even after we successfully recovered the entire $30,000, we knew John deserved more.

Luckily, John himself had underinsured motorist coverage, which is meant to be used in situations just like this one. We filed a claim, but John’s carrier balked. “That motorcycle hadn’t been properly added to John’s insurance policy,” they argued, thinking they could deny the claim since John was just testing the motorcycle. We didn’t let them get away with that.

Case Summary

After a lengthy fight, we convinced John’s insurance company to pay the full policy limits ($210,000) – a huge success and a life-changing outcome for John. 
Net settlement to client after expenses: $138,384.90